Digital Citizenship is about maximizing the beneficial outcomes the digital world can hold for children, while minimizing the harmful effects. It promotes safe and appropriate online behaviour and encourages critical thinking about media, information, communication, social interaction, culture and respect. The EMSBDC initiative looks at Digital Citizenship through three main tenets: Be Real, Be safe, Be smart.

The EMSBDC initiative is centred around students, but developed for teacher’s use. In its first phases, the EMSBDC initiative aims to provide teachers with clear and manageable classroom-resources that they can use to incorporate Digital Citizenship into their class.

Materials have been organized by grade and by the tenets ‘Be Real, Be Safe, Be Smart.’ Each grade has unique lessons in each of these categories, ensuring that digital citizenship education is comprehensive, that no lesson is duplicated, and that teachers feel they have options and are supported. Lessons have been curated from expert-sources, reviewed by pedagogical consultants and piloted in classrooms at the EMSB. Some materials have also been created by EMSB teachers for their classroom use, and are now being shared board-wide.

The next phases of EMSBDC will include parent resources and student resources, as parents and students have clearly indicated a desire for education and support in this area. Check the site frequently for updates in this area, or contact Francois Dupraz or Maureen Baron for more information.